Molding Business Division

Supports a wide range of parts, from general purpose parts to functional parts, at low cost

Supports a wide range of applications, from general purpose parts to functional parts, using a variety of injection molding processes and cutting-edge technology characterized by a development and production system directly connected to future-oriented product markets for also developing metal parts produced using Metal Injection Molding (MIM), which is referred to as a 5th generation metal processing method.

molding flow images

Major manufacturing experiences

  • Chemical and medical equipment

    Chemical and medical equipment

    • PSF, PES, PC
    • Steam resistance, transparency, non-toxicity
  • Electrical equipment

    Electrical equipment

    • PBT, PC, PPE, PPO
    • Heat resistance, dimensional accuracy, electrical insulation, flame retardancy
  • Precision equipment

    Precision equipment

    • PPS, POM, PBT, PA66, PA46, CF reinforced products, GF reinforced products
    • CF reinforced products, dimensional stability, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance
  • OA equipment

    OA equipment

    • ABS, GF reinforced ABS, GF reinforced PBT
    • Flame retardancy, electrical insulating property
  • Special molded products

    Special molded products

    • Plastic magnets, PA
    • magnetism, abrasion resistance, transparency
  • Metal powder injection molding

    Metal powder injection molding

    • SUS316L, SUS630, SU304, Ti
  • Metal substitution

    Metal substitution

    • GF reinforced PA, POM
    • Mechanical strength, weight reduction
  • 一般産業機器

    General industrial equipment

    • ABS, UHMW, POM
    • Sliding characteristics, abrasion resistance, oil resistance
  • 情報機器

    Information equipment

    • ABS, PC, PPE
    • dimensional stability, Flame retardancy, formability